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Council signposts the way to clear congestion (PR 103)

Ealing Council has shortened, suspended or reduced operating hours across the borough’s bus lanes to ease congestion and get traffic moving.

The council has been reviewing all 45 sections of bus lane in the borough and is trialling a series of measures to benefit residents.

As part of the improvements the council is introducing electronic bus lane signs on sections of the bus lane along Church Road, Mandeville Road and Petts Hill, between the Target Roundabout and Petts Hill Roundabout. The signs will rotate on a timer system to advise motorists when the lanes can be used.

Ealing Council Leader, Councillor Jason Stacey, said: “Residents have been telling us that congestion remains a concern so we have taken this on board and introduced the bus lane review programme to keep traffic flowing. We will be monitoring the impact over the coming months before deciding whether to make the changes permanent.

“People often avoid bus lanes altogether for fear of being in them at the wrong times so we have introduced ways to make things easier for motorists and avoid unnecessary queueing.”

Other measures the council has taken to improve traffic flow include:

The council has also reduced bus lane operating hours. There are now far fewer variations to make it easier to understand the signs. However, drivers are being reminded to read the signs before driving in a bus lane.

You can share your views on the bus lane review by emailing